How much does a translation cost?

This depends on the number of words in the text and the price per word. The price of a translation is calculated per word.

The price per word depends on the language combination, the complexity of the text and the professional field for which the text is intended. The word count is determined digitally and is based on the number of words in the source language.

Our minimum rate is 0,16 excl. VAT per word for general texts in the most commonly used Western European languages:

DE | UK | ES | FR | IT | NL

Don't hesitate to request a quotation, free of obligation, for translations from and into other languages.

We apply supplementary charges for translations of specialized texts (technical, legal or medical) and sworn translations. Other costs such as postage and court fees will also be charged on.

Supplementary fees:

We charge a premium of 20% of the price per word for translations that must be delivered within 24 hours. We apply a maximum of 2000 words for rush deliveries.

We also charge a premium of 20% of the price per word for weekend jobs (between Friday 17:00 and Monday 9:00).

Our standard minimum rate is 62,50 per project.

Don't hesitate to ask about our discount options for larger jobs.