Delivery Time

What is the term of delivery for a translation?

On average, a translator will be able to handle around 2500 words a day. The speed at which a translation can be made depends on a number of factors:

  • the volume of the text
  • the level of difficulty
  • the availability of reference materials
  • the availability of our translators

The delivery time for sworn and legally validated translations also depends on when the district court can deliver the documents.

All these factors are taken into account when we set a term of delivery. At the same time, we will always do our utmost to meet the delivery times proposed by our clients.

Out translators work with translation tools (Computer Aided Translation, abbreviated as CAT). Many texts, especially handbooks, user manuals and course books are translated with the aid of CAT.

A CAT tool allows you to set up a translation memory during the translation process. This memory, into which the source text as well as the corresponding translation is saved, can then be used as a basis for future translations on the same subject. This technology is also very useful for translation projects that incorporate a great deal of repetition. Sentences and paragraphs that are repeated will not have to be translated twice. This results in shorter delivery times and high quality translations at an attractive price.